What will they dream up next?

The new OK GO! video has been released. And it’s another cracker.  You have to hand it to these guys, they make some pretty awesome videos and are willing to practice, practice, practice. I don’t even want to imagine how many takes they had to go through to record any of these

It all began with a work-out

Then there was the Rube Goldberg machine

If you’re wondering how they did that, check this out

And yesterday, it was dogs

Fortunately, the music’s not bad either – although I sometimes wonder, do I like the music because the videos are good or irrespective of it?  I know that there are certain songs for which the video actually makes me enjoy the song less (‘Just’ by Radiohead being one of them – and I absolutely love them, so am biased towards them)

Keep them coming Ok Go!  We’re all looking forward to your next video.


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