Three things I learnt this week

We learn so much through our life (something new every single day apparently) that it is difficult keeping track of it all, so I’m going to try by having a regular post about what I have learnt over the last week.  I’ll start at three but that can always change.

1 – Blog writing takes time, patience and planning

When I started doing this I just wrote and wrote.  But as I look back on some of the entries now, they seem like the ramblings of a mad fool.  So, I need to be more structured.  I shall decide on a subject but then define the points I want to make and the sequence in which to make them – hopefully you’ll find these more interesting and engaging.

2 – Sex sells more than war

It’s probably a much closer call than my subhead makes it out to be but this week at the same time that Tony Blair released his book to great furore about his decision to go to war, William Hague was fighting for his reputation and dismissing claim of having an ‘improper relation’ with a male aide.   In the front page stakes, Hague was winning (some might say for once in his life), but really is this the debate we want to have as a nation? Surely the background and decision about going to war in Iraq et al although already endlessly discussed are of more importance to the country and its wellbeing than what William got up to in private?  What he does in his personal time has no relevance to society unless it affects his role as Foreign Secretary – for example if he was secretly going to BNP meetings.

The cynic in me could well say that this could be another PR ploy – with Tony about to be on the receiving end of a beating, could this have been used as a distraction?  Might it have been another ‘good day to bury bad news’ ?

3 – Sinusitis hurts like a bugger

Ok, so this isn’t an earth shattering news but I got this and just felt like ripping my teeth out with pliers.  Happily I got given drugs and they are slowly working.  Bit of a bugger to be out of work for a couple of days, but at least I had the sympathy of the family and even had Ollie cooking me brownies (although they didn’t actually bake properly).

More to come next week with any new revelations.


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