What horse are you backing in the social media race?

It is tough isn’t it?  One only needs to look at the picture to the left to see how overwhelming the social media choices are nowadays.

I’ve ‘been around’ social media for a while but I wouldn’t say I ever really ventured too deeply into it. I’m trying. But, as I was expanding into the social world there was a plethora of choices available to me.  Now, this area changes so quickly that you just don’t know who is going to come out on top and what you don’t want is to end up with the Betamax to everyone else’s VHS. For example, I signed up to Foursquare and am beginning to use it more and more but then I heard that Gowalla was the one to use, so I signed up for that and now Facebook have launched Places.  I have an inkling as to why I think will win this particular race (Facebook thanks to its 0.5bn audience), however you just never know so I now have potentially 3 different geo-location based services and accounts.

Similarly with this blog and my website, there were so many options of free blogs/websites that I ended up signing with a lot of them.  And as I said, I only scratched the surface.

But with so many choices and having to manage so many different accounts and ‘versions’ of yourself are we in danger of an overload?  If I go anywhere now, I have to check-in twice, update FB, update Twitter, etc.  It’s too much, but for now it’s what must be done.  So, the horses I’m currently backing (that I can think of at the moment anyway) are:

WordPress (clearly)













MSN messenger

Yahoo Messenger


No doubt, as the years go on this list will change but I don’t see it (reducing in number) in the next 2-3 years because whilst some of the above will fall by the way side, new players will come in and keep adding to that list.

So until someone creates something that combines several of those facets I will simply have to continue placing lots of bets in the hope that one sticks.


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