The good, the bad and the ugly about the iphone

I’ve had my iPhone now for just under 2 months (I was fortunate enough to get it in the first couple of days). I love it, but as with all things there are certain things that need a little getting used to.

1- the fact that I’m writing this on the iPhone is awesome (any formatting I’ll need to do separately, but that’s a relatively minor inconvenience and not the iPhone’s fault)
2- everything is sooo accessible (which is also a bad thing but more on that later)
3- I use it as a business tool as much as I used it for fun (ninja jump and hipstomatic being my favourites apps at the moment)

1- everything is accessible. It’s too easy now to do things that previously you would need to get you laptop, open it, turn it on etc. So it is now very difficult to simply switch off
2- keypad is a bit fiddly. I don’t particularly have big fingers (in fact I have small and thin fingers) but the amount of spelling mistakes I make because of the keyboard makes text entries much longer
3- predictive text. Worked on nokia but here it only gives you an option and if it is not the word you want, it’s a bugger to get it sorted

1- the fact you can only sync with one computer. Most people have more than one; work, personal etc however Apple have either ignored it or simply don’t know
2- the battery. You cannot go a day without charging it
3- the size. It’s a beautiful design and screen but a bit too bulky

Although this may seem fairly negative I wouldn’t swap my iPhone. I forgive its drawbacks because the good points are so good

Damn you Apple for making me so utterly dependent on it!!!


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