Keep your legs shut honey

So, today is the 18th August 2010 and my next little boy (so they tell us) is due 2nd of September – i.e. in a little over 2 weeks.

Is it bad that I want my wife to be in discomfort until after the 1st Sept?  The main reason for this is Outliers by Malcom Gladwell.  In this book, his assertion is that people born earlier in the academic year tended to do better than those born in the summer holidays.  You can understand the logic, the difference in the physical and mental development between someone born on 2nd Sept (of a given year) and 29th August (of the following year) is virtually a year, yet they must share the same class, understand the same theories and perform the same physical tasks. As I’ve experienced with my two current kids (fortunately both born at more ‘convinient’ times), one year in the development of a child makes a HUGE amount of difference.

The competitive dad in me wants him to be at the top of the class, so I’m praying that he arrives on time, but I’ll accept 1 day early.   Any earlier and summer classes will await him when he is older!

Whenever he comes I’m sure he will be a bundle of joy, a source of bewilderment and the reason for many sleep deprived nights (alongside his brother and sister, both of whom will not doubt be equally guilty).

Just 14 more days – you can do it honey!!!!


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