What would you do?

If you didn’t catch this when it was on TV originally, it is well worth a watch.

I know Alex from Crossfit and was trying to work Harrison’s Fund whilst I was at TPO to give them even more exposure.

As a parent, you can’t but well up and be inspired by Alex and Harrison’s story.


The different ways in which ads works

This is a great post about the many different roles advertising plays for businesses – from positive association to persuasion and social imprinting.

Well worth 10 minutes of your time.


Knowing who you are as a brand

I love Monocle. I was first “introduced” into it a fair few years ago as a magazine with a fresh look, manga cartoons and a passion/steadfast support for print in an increasingly digital media landscape.

I’ve since seen the company stretch its brand in many different directions – retail and coffee shops, clothing and fragrance partnerships – but always retaining the essence of quality and curation. It’s always had a very clear view on what it was about and always sought to (re)emphasise it with any new venture.

In the latest print edition of the magazine (focused on the media landscape) its editor, Tyler Brule, answered a few questions about it. But the one below really caught my eye. In a world dominated by stories and a belief that social is a must for all companies, Tyler offers a very interesting view about why Monocle chooses to not have a presence in social. I especially like the notion that “good brand are a little bit mysterious and shouldn’t reveal too much”. Always leave space for people to fill in the gaps.

It also reminds me of the (I think) Steve Jobs thought that “Strategy is as much about what you do, as about what you don’t do” (paraphrased as I can’t actually remember the proper quote).

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