Are we seeing the woods for the trees?

Two really interesting reads about how marketing (clients and agencies alike) have shifted so far towards different specialisations that it is getting increasingly harder to understand the full picture.

As that continues, each area will fight for their own slice of the pie, believing it to be the most important.

As Arsene Wenger put it “Everyone thinks they have the prettiest wife at home“; or in Faris’ words “if you ask a fishmonger what you should have for dinner, you would be surprised if he suggested a steak


Big Vs Small Ideas

Big ideas take too much time to find and we don’t have the time to find ’em (not on current accountability time). Big ideas are equated to expensive ideas… Hence the word big. They’re meant to create a splash; secure buzz; enraptured the masses with pomp, grandeur and ceremony. Big ideas are similarly full of hot air, fluff, inflated with self importance, exaggeration and hyperbole

Interesting perspective over at Jaffe Juice